Our Services

Building Maintenance Plans

Surveys of your facility to verify and ensure you are using the correct chemicals and equipment but to review and discuss labor costs and procedures. We will supply you with a complete report on our findings and recommend any changes for your consideration.

Commercial Ware Wash and Laundry Service Plans

SaniWorks Ltd. has service and maintenance review programs for our customers. Once your business is established we will do routine calls to ensure dispensing equipment is working correctly. We will check titrations and examine the equipment to ensure maximum value for your dollars. We have service tech's who can repairs and extend the life cycle of your equipment by ensuring proper operation. We will assist in training your staff in procedures to ensure maximum benefit.

Floor Care & Cleaning Training & Procedure Manuals

SaniWorks Ltd. in conjunction with our manufacturing partners can provide your business with comprehensive procedure manuals, uniform chemical programs and equipment maintenance programs. These are critical if a business is to optimize the dollars spent on labor. Typically cleaning costs are heavily weighted by the cost of labor. Labor on the average represents the 80-85% of the total costs of cleaning. Using labor effectively is vital if controlling costs is a priority.

W.M.H.I.S. & Safety

DID YOU KNOW IT IS LAW that all employees using WHMIS controlled chemicals in the workplace must be trained. SaniWorks Ltd. has the program to train your employees in the safe use and handling of the products they use on a daily basis. Today many products are safer to use than as little as two years ago with the influx of environmentally friendly products but all chemicals must be treated with respect. Proper storage, handling and usage of products will reduce employee sick time and reduce Workers Compensation costs.

Dispenser Loan Programs

SaniWorks Ltd can provide dispensers for washroom products, chemical dispensing, ware wash and laundry at no charge (on loan). This program will reduce cash outlay by our customer providing they are willing to commit to a product supply contract with SaniWorks Ltd. Each customers’ needs will have to be analyzed to determine the requirements and if the customer qualifies for this program. Contact us to see how we can reduce operating costs for your business.